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I was born and raised in NW Ohio where winters were the bane of my existence. I finally escaped to a much better climate and now enjoy the natural beauty and pleasant winters of North Carolina.

I am the mom of an adult son, teenaged daughter, and an angel baby (8/2006). My daughter recently graduated from high school and the thought of an empty nest is rocking my world. College or military service (following in her brother’s footsteps) is in her immediate future. That should be interesting. Amazingly, and to my absolute joy, I was recently promoted to Mimi thanks to my son and his wife. ♥ Life is definitely at an interesting and exciting stage for me!

I enjoy hot coffee, with more creamer than coffee, non-fiction books, and quiet time.

I play almost as hard as I work – I enjoy what I do. However, I also love my free time learning, gardening, creating, or simply planning my next opportunity to fly out to Washington to see my grandbaby.

Hello there! I’m Jacqueline (Jacq.).

I’m simply one entrepreneur here to support and undergird other entrepreneurs as you pursue your purpose. I help e-commerce retail brands launch, build, and grow.

B.A. – Communications & Journalism
MBA – HR Management & Business Management
NTP – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

Recognizing my purpose has evolved over time, starting while pursuing my corporate career. From on-air radio personality and corporate communications consultant, to technical writer and registered rep (mutual funds). I have held various roles in the pursuit of my purpose. I am both creative and analytical, always seeking to uncover the “why” of it all and how to do it better.  I enjoy helping and supporting others bring their business mission and vision to fruition. After delving into the wellness arena, I know that my purpose has wellness at its core. From emotional wellness to physical wellness and the other elements that impact our energy and joy that lie in between.

My business ownership includes both service and product based businesses. I’ve also recently published my first book!



I know there is only so much time in a day. Even less when you are juggling parenthood, spouse-hood, and living the sandwich generation life. I get it.

Silver Lining Concierge raced out of the starting blocks providing business concierge, personal concierge, and homecare concierge services. Our team had the opportunity to support our diverse client base for over 10 years.

We recently pivoted (2022) and our service offerings have been streamlined to those needing business concierge service support for their e-commerce retail businesses.

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